Monday, September 29, 2008


In October of 2004 I began a commitment to art. I started with a tribute to Edward S. Curtis and The Native American people. My latest original artwork, ' Solitude ', was created in six months.
Choosing a subject is crucial. It has to excite my soul.. Music is necessary for me to create art, and my family is the inspiration ". The images are lovingly created in the oldest medium in the world, CHARCOAL, which creates an ambience that is unique and spellbinding and awakens a special emotion in the viewer.
Nature, animals, people.....a captured moment that reveals a lifetime. Add the game of hide and seek between light and shadows and my art has a story to tell.
I use some strange tools for my craft . I have even raided my wife's make up kit to find just the right tool to achieve certain effects. I can go through hundreds of pieces of charcoal in the course of creating an artwork. Patience and passion are paramount. Art is fun. Art is meditation.
So I create, holding a piece of charcoal in my heart, it guides my free hand.
Taught by nature, honed by life, sharpened by experience and inspired by love. Guided by the wise, I expose my inner self and display it on paper. With acquired patience I sink into velvet shadows inviting the warmth of light to embrace the comfort of darkness, creating a balance, a harmony, to invoke a smile and hopefully release some old and some new emotions, and connect with exciting places in the heart of the viewer.
I love to ' sculpt ' and ' paint ' with charcoal, and endeaver to stay rooted in the basics of life.

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Your work is wonderful!